The Bon Festival has arrived at Granzella's Great Edo Lounge in PlayStation Home! With fireworks, a shooting gallery and more, Great Edo is brimming with fun things to do. Enjoy Granzella's Marching Song as you explore the town! Everyone, let's dance!
What is the Bon Festival Dance?
Since long ago, the Bon Festival Dance has been a fixture of summer in Japan. It is traditionally danced at community festivals throughout the country. Clad in yukata, or casual summer kimonos, participants at these festivals gather around the yagura, a tall scaffolding where a drum performance is held, form a circle and dance the Bon Festival Dance. To the people of classical Japan, the Bon Festival Dance was the highlight of their year, and they often danced until late into the night. These roots are still felt in modern Japan, and, to this day, the Bon Festival Dance is loved by many.

Make a Circle and Dance! Bon Festival 2013!

Make a Circle Around the Bon Festival Tower and Dance!
If you pick up your free Bon Festival Dance Locomotion at the store, you can join the dance circle around the Bon Festival Tower and participate in the Bon Dance Minigame. Join the crowd, make a circle and let's dance!

♪ Time to boogie!

Wear whatever you like!

Make a Circle and Dance! Bon Festival 2013!

Keep on Dancing with the Free Bon Festival Dance Locomotion!

While the event lasts, you can pick up your very own free Bon Festival Dance Locomotion at the Great Edo Lounge store. When you use this item, your avatar will get down and do the Bon Dance. Try it out anywhere!

Make a Circle and Dance! Bon Festival 2013!

Great Edo Has Gotten a Makeover!

If you have
the Bon Festival Dance
Locomotion you can
join the dance circle.
The item is
available for free
at the store.

Make a Circle and Dance! Bon Festival 2013!

Unidentified Squadron U-Man at the Shooting Gallery!
At the shooting gallery, new Unidentified Squadron U-Man figures have been added for a limited time! 5 colors, each with male and female versions, makes 10 variations total. The type of figure appearing in the gallery changes every day of the week, so keep trying every day to collect them all!

※ *Unidentified Squadron U-Man are a group of 5 superheroes sworn to protect planet Earth.→Check them out!

Make a Circle and Dance! Bon Festival 2013!

Everyone's Picture at the Bon Festival!
A new limited edition pose, background and frame have been added to Everyone's Picture. Don't miss your chance to capture the memory!

Make a Circle and Dance! Bon Festival 2013!

Get on the Bon Festival Tower, Bang the Drum and Make Some Noise!
The drums at the top of the Bon Festival Tower are fully playable. Hit the button, try to match the rhythm and pound to your heart's content!

Fireworks Explode in the Sky!
If you look out over the river the Bon Festival sits next to, you'll be sure to see fireworks bursting in the night sky. But what you may not know is that every so often a special Mega Firework explodes! Get your cameras ready!

Smart Ball: Japanese Pinball!
A unique Japanese game derived from billiards, Smart Ball is a lot like pinball. The goal is to get the small, white balls into the holes to score points. The better you play, the more chances you have to score! Check it out!

Limited Time Only Item! No.1

Limited Time Only Item! No.2

Limited Time Only Item! No.3

Limited Time Only Item! No.4

Limited Time Only Item! No.5

Limited Time Only Item! No.6

Hear That? It's Granzella's Bon Festival Marching Song!
When you enter the Great Edo Lounge, you'll be able to hear Granzella's Marching Song. It sounds kinda weird...but if you join the event, you can hear the full version!
Come and Join the Bon Festival 2013!
Take a look at just how fun the Bon Dance can be. We're all waiting for you!
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The Bon Festival is here! Let's have fun dancing together and trying to match the dance song!
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More skin means summer casual wear is here! Show your skin and feel free... it's fashion only for summer!
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